"Happy Owls on the Farmers Fence"        "Secondary Color Eggs"                              "It's a Bunny Thing"

"Silver Frosty"                                           "Tangled Frosty"                                                "Frosty Family"

"The 4 of us together"                                    "Block O"                                           "Welcome Frosty"

Water Lilies under the Bridge                    "Surfs up for Couples"                                 "Birdie Fun on the Wire"

ouples Wine & Grapes"                           "Close to the Lighthouse"                       "The Eiffel Tower"

"Rooster Ralph"                                           "Wine & Grapes"                                 "The Owl Couple"

"Heart of Strength"                                 "Peek-a-boo Tree"                                      "Wharf at Sunset"

"Surf Boards"                                              "Poppies"                                                   "It's a HOOT"

"Docked at Sunset"                                    "Painted Palms"                                         "Day at the Beach"

"Horse of many Colors"                                "Rainbow Birdies"                                      "Colorful Pelican"

Select a favorite painting from the gallery below for your painting sessions! We also have a "Children's Gallery"!

"Beach Baby"                                      "Magical Birdies"                                        "O H I O"

Sunflower Blowing in the Wind                Basket of Daisy's                                        "Pretty Poppies"

Elf Shoes                                                     Rockmill                                               "Beautiful Butterfly"

          "Buckeye Frosty"                                     "Angel"                                         "Poppies"

"Sporty Frosty"                                          "You had me at Meow"                         "Burch Boulevard"

"Cat & Crow"                                      " Witch & Crow"                                           "Whimsical Harvest"

"Peak-a-Boo Tree"                                     "Lady in Red"                                            "Gardening Hat"

"The OLD BICYCLE"                                   "Water Lillies"                                            "Raging Horse"

Type your paragraph here.

"The Starry Night Scene"                           "Winters Bird"                                         "Moonlight Owl Couple"

"Bunny in a Basket" by Kathy                       "Fire Fly Fun"                                          "Laundry Art Inspiration"

 Pink Flamingo                                                 Alice's Adventures                        Brutis' Block "O"

Ribbon of Hope                                            Lovebirds                                                My Favorite Beach

      "The PRIMARY Boat"                             "Colorful Turtle"                                     "Summer Friends"

  "Frosty Night"                                          "Mr. Frosty"                                        "Frosty Rendezvous"

"Wharf at Sunset"                                   "The Three Girls"                                       "Chocolate Covered Strawberries"

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  • Art Studio

"Two Broke Artists"

"Youth Painting Gallery" 

All the above gallery of paintings can be modified for the youth sessions.

 "Bumble Bee & Daisys"                                 "Bicycle Built for Two"                  "Dolphin Fun"

Painting Sessions & Youth Art Sessions at the Two Broke Artists Painting Studio in downtown Lancaster!   

Art is for EVERYONE!!!!             

   Schedule your party today @ www.twobrokeartists.com   

Painting parties for adults are $30.00 per painter (13yrs. & up)

& youth sessions are $20.00 per person (12yrs old & under). 

In the studio or on location.

We supply all materials!  You bring the snacks & drinks of choice!

Explore your inner ARTIST!

"Santa's Little Owl"                                   Personalized Stockings                              Christmas Bulbs

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Here is a sample of a few of our favorite 3 hours painting session paintings. There are more in the studio and the "reserve a seat" page!

"Together on the Beach"                         "LOVE OHIO" with you personal touch         "Life's Seasons"

       Hummingbird                              Beach Chairs                                      "Local Elementary School Memories"