Youth Painting Gallery

Three hour painting session gallery!

We would love for you & your friends to come paint with us!  Select a painting for you & your group and personalize if for that perfect space!

 Painting Sessions

​***"Jan through March" $30 for adults & $20 for youth ages 12 & under

  All fundraiser events are priced according to the fundraiser and listed on the event.)

***The 2nd Sunday of each month is "Family Paint Day"  Special pricing          $15 for ages 12 & under and $25 for ages 13 & up.


***The 2nd Friday evening of each month is "Couples Night"                        Special pricing is   2/$50.  ​​


***​Saturday mornings at 11am-1pm youth painting session $15.00 per painter.


***You can join any painting session on the "event calendar" by clicking

"RESERVE A SEAT" unless it is marked "Private Party" or "On Location".

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